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About Midokoro

Access-Japan, Inc. is a Japanese licensed tour operator specializing in the reception of foreign tourists in Japan. We organize tours and business trips and provide tourist services while in Japan. We have all necessary state licenses and certificates.

Our tour operator license is № 3-635

We are a member of the Japan Association of Travel Agents (ANTA), a member of the Association of Travel Agencies in Kyoto Prefecture and licensed to trade in antiques and art objects: license number 611081430007

Our company’s services:

  • MICE Tourism
  • Group and individual tours to Japan
  • Visa support (if you have purchased a complete tour package)
  • Hotel reservations in Japan
  • Transportation services and transfers in Japan
  • Ticket sales for Airlines, trains and water transport to Japan
  • Excursion services in Japan
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Ticket sales for concerts, exhibitions and other events
  • Business consultation and negotiation
  • Help in starting a business and buying real estate in Japan
  • Trade (art objects, antiques, souvenirs, publications)
  • Advisory services for independent travelers


Contact information

Mailing address:

606-0847 Japan, Kyoto, Sakyo-ku, Shimogamo,

Minami-Nonogami-cho 2-6, Kitayama bldg, Access-Japan, Inc.

Email: tour@midokoro.jp

Phone in Japan : (+81) 75 746 5663

Fax: (+81) 75 746 5664

About our website

Our website is called MIDOKORO.JP. The word “MIDOKORO” has several meanings in Japanese. It can mean “great expectations”, “outlook”, “interesting moment” and even “the seats of the theater” but  the main meaning is: ” a place that is worth a look “,” a place worthy of note “-” point of interest “.

Japan is precisely such a place that, if one visits,  is impossible to forget. This is a unique country with distinctive traditions, colorful pop culture with modern scientific and technological achievements, with fantastically picturesque landscapes. Cultural and natural features of the country combined with excellent tourist infrastructure and high standards of Japanese domestic tourism make Japan one of the most famous and attractive world tourist destinations.

Privacy policy

The site midokoro.jp belongs to Access-Japan, Inc. and is intended to give information about the services of the company. We respect everyone’s right to security and confidentiality of personal data. Any personal information provided to us will only be used to provide the services requested under the terms of the Customer Agreement in accordance with Japanese law.

Travel Agents

As an inbound tour operator specializing in the reception of foreign tourists, we are interested in cooperation with foreign travel agents and offer a variety of discounts and bonuses for our partners. We provide a full range of services from visa support and hotel reservations to tour and transport services, events, etc.  Being based in Japan, we have the most complete and current information about the country and around the clock phone support our clients. All tours and excursions are developed by our company. We only use the services of licensed carriers and all tours are insured. We are flexible for special requests from our clients and will customize a tour based on their needs. We are always happy to have cooperation with new clients!

Note: Requests are only accepted from travel agents with corporate e-mail addresses.  A request form is also available on our website.